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Wedding photography Leicester

Visit my new Leicester wedding photographer website for some extra photo editing samples Click here to visit

wedding photography editing image gallery Here you can view a slide show with the before and after results, click to and fro on the thumbnails to see what has been changed in the image.

Rothley Court click to view biggerYou can also click on the Rothley Court wedding photo here on the left to view bigger for a closer look.

Proper photo editing can not just be a laptop in the corner of the living room, to do it right you should have a professional grade calibrated monitor in a light controlled environment. You also have to be able to "see" colour correctly, at 16 I started work in a pro printing lab where I learnt to see colour correctly. Read more here

A person shooting weddings does not have this skill as there are places in the far east that will edit them for a fee. But I prefer not to use a 3rd party so I can keep 100% control of my images.

When we look at something our eyes constantly adjust to the light and we build up a picture of how the scene looks, making the dark bit look brighter and the light parts darker, but the camera only deals in 1s and 0s - it also has no feeling,   it cannot sense the emotion we felt, so that's where I can then start put back what the camera didn't see. I can do this because I was there, so I prefer not to send my images to a 3rd party.

Quorn Country HotelQuorn Country Hotel click the image to see a before and after animation

For me wedding photography is not just the wedding day itself as there are many hours of work afterwards in the digital darkroom, and for every 1 hour of wedding photography there is another 2 hours of photo editing.

Sutton Bonington Hall click to view bigger

Click on the above Sutton Bonington wedding horse and carriage to view an enlarged  photo for a closer look at what can be done. 

To arrive at your final images I take an unlimited amount on the day. I may take a few shots of a subject- but then later select the best to go forward to the next editing stage.

Below is an example of the kind of work that can go into some of my photos after the wedding - although not every shot will receive this amount of work, each shot will have some work applied to it.

Wedding photography Leicester             

Wedding photography in leicester and wedding photography in Leicestershire